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Be breast aware - live every moment!

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An initiative to celebrate life!

Breast cancer can be a scary topic, especially in your 20ies and 30ies, when it still seems far away and somehow unreal. THINK PINK! wants to break the taboos and give young women the confidence to deal with the topic.

We are a strong believer in "healthy mind, healthy body". Hence, THINK PINK! is all about enjoying life to the fullest, while promoting a few simple steps to increase breast awareness. By learning about your family history and getting to know your breasts at an early age, you are taking an important step towards a holistic prevention routine starting in your 40ies* .

Life is filled with moments that are worth cherishing - and remembering. 

#liveeverymoment is an initiative to celebrate those moments.

 Hugging your friend, finishing a marathon or enjoying a little beauty session with your bestie - there are no rules. It is all about those goosebumps, endorphins and smiles. Let's do this!

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THINK PINK! Verein für Brustbewusstsein und Lebensfreude

Krottenbachstraße 149/3, 1190 Vienna, Austria

ZVR number1977657720

Board: Mag. Viviane Shklarek (Chairwoman), Mag. (FH) Alexandra Ulrich (Deputy Chairwoman), Miriam Haumer, Msc. (Secretary), Mag. Stefanie Bardach (Treasurer)

Auditors: Mag. Anna Aleksandra Moroz, Mag. (FH) Tamara Daltroff

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