THINK PINK! is a global, independent platform founded in 2007 in Vienna by Viviane Shklarek. Our aim is to increase breast awareness among young women, without neglecting the joy of life!


Too many young people, women as well as men, are not aware of the necessity for breast cancer self checks – and by that we don’t mean mammograms, but simple self checks everyone can do at home.* 


THINK PINK! wants to increase that breast awareness in an informal manner.

Eventhough the matter is a serious one, we don't see ourselves as an affair of grief, but rather the opposite, namely an appeal to enjoy life to the fullest!


Once you get used to checking your breasts once a month at a young age, chances increase that you will catch anything that might come along at a later stage early. 


Hence our mission statement:

„Be breast aware – live every moment!" 


*Please note that if you had more than two breast cancer cases in your family and / or are above 40, regular mammograms are advised for breast cancer prevention. Our 3 principles are not an alternative to those.